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Annoyed with everyone while pregnant

These pregnancy bummers are guaranteed to make any expectant mom fly into a rage or burst into hysterical crying. Or both. You'll have something to say about that as soon as you finish your chocolate-covered onions! When you're still tossing and turning at 3 A. Because your post-pregnancy wellness has everything to do with Snooki wearing an animal-print bikini. Your pregnancy is an excuse for him to be tired, wear a robe all the time, and eat junk food. Meanwhile, you're doing pre-natal yoga and eating quinoa flour pancakes.

In between doctor's visits, there's no shortage of people who are concerned that your handbag is too heavy for you to carry. Breathing through the pain? Using pictures of your cat as a focal point? And you paid for those classes?

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In fact, let's not make any assumptions that the lady is expecting at all, okay? Are you trying to tell me my emotions aren't real? OK, if these emotions are real, everyone's in trouble. You're actually expected to Your cute-as-can-be LAMB shoes that cost an entire paycheck will probably never fit again. There are also the orthopedic sandals with socks that you save for special occasions. Castor Oil What is this, the Dark Ages?

The only thing you netted from the castor oil was a bout of diarrhea. Incredibly, something that made you miserable has now made you happier than you've ever been. Teilen Facebook. Want awesome DIY tips in your inbox three times a week?To be perfectly honest, my relationship with my mother-in-law isn't awesome.

It never has been. From the moment we met she had it in for me. Then, when my husband and I got married and I got pregnant, our relationship took a turn for the worst. There's something about having grandchildren that makes mothers-in-law do and say the most passive aggressive, rude, judgmental things. Over the years I've learned how to deal with toxic family members, though, and there are so many things this mom with a difficult mother-in-law wants pregnant women to know.

Sometimes I really do think and hope my mother-in-law means well. After all, she wants what's best for her child and grandchildren. For the most part, she probably thinks she is being helpful when she tells me how I should raise my children. Unfortunately, sometimes what my mother-in-law thinks is best and what I know is best are two entirely different things.

And to make matters worse, my mother-in-law makes comments about how long she breastfedhow her "natural birth" is betterhow easy parenting was back in her day, and how lazy moms are today.

Why Am I So Mad? Dealing with Anger During Pregnancy

She came to visit me in the hospital, at home, and while I was trying to recover from childbirth at the most inopportune and surprising times, always with a subtly shaming comment about my housekeeping or cooking. It really sucked, and I knew my spouse felt stuck in the middle.

In the end, it is often up to you, as the mother, to set boundaries, say no, and even cut off contact if your mother-in-law gets too difficult. Above all, remember that you can't control what other people do and say, and that don't have to let a toxic person push you around, even if you're related to them through marriage. I hate unsolicited parenting advice from anyone, but I especially hate it when it comes from my mother-in-law. It always comes across as lowkey shaming or judgment.

She got to be a mom already. And she did a great job, too, because her son is pretty awesome. I mean, that's why I married him. Now, though? Well, now I'm the parent, and if I want advice I will ask for it. Sometimes, the things your difficult mother-in-law says and does will hurt, I'm not going to lie.

It's important to remember, though, that not everything is worth the energy you would have to invest in order to respond, even if that respond is appropriate and necessary. Besides, toxic people generally love drama and playing the victim. If you don't engage, they will stop. It's like magic. One difficult thing about mothers-in-law is that they are used to having a personal relationship with their child — one that might have included changing their diapers, rocking them to sleep, and hearing them complain about their girlfriends.For most of us who are or have been pregnant and I'm in the latter camp, so let's not start any rumorsit's the only time in our lives when we feel a little like a celebrity.

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Passersby smile at us. Strangers want to hold the door.

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And if we really have to, we can cut in line for the bathroom. But just like famous folks have to put up with their share of difficulties Gwyneth Paltrow told USA Today the Met Ball was soooo hot and crowded this yearpregnant women have to put up with some common annoyances too.

Ours come in the form of people. The Bean Spiller: A Bean Spiller prides herself on having superhero-like abilities to determine when someone in her midst is pregnant. And, she likes to show off this ability to everyone any chance she has. If you're in the early stages of pregnancy and want to keep your pregnancy private, do not go out to dinner with a Bean Spiller.

If you forgo wine, ask for your steak well-done, or even sneeze funny, a Bean Spiller's going to demand to know if you're pregnant. And she's going to do it loudly. She's the movie star, rock star or supermodel who shares your due date.

annoyed with everyone while pregnant

And because, as a culture, we now worship at the for-some-reason-never-swollen-feet of pregnant celebrities, you are going to see this famous person the whole damn time you're pregnant. Then -- as an added bonus -- you're going to see her in a bikini on a magazine cover about two weeks after you give birth.

They don't want you to worry about things like pasteurization, alcohol intake or anything at all when you're pregnant. You can have beer! You can totally have a beer right now. I drank beer when I was pregnant and my baby's just fine! And my mom did keg stands and smoked two packs a day during her entire pregnancy and look at me! I'm getting you a beer. I'm getting you two beers.

One for you and one for the baby.

annoyed with everyone while pregnant

Don't plan to order a cup of coffee and a turkey sandwich around them unless you feel like getting lectured about caffeine and Listeria. The Belly Rubber: You know this person.

She or he just loves to rub a pregnant belly. They just can't get enough of that big, stretched out tummy! They want to fondle some of that overripe uterus! Here are the rules that need to be instituted: If you would not normally hug her when she wasn't pregnant, then you should not ask to touch her belly when she's with child.

If you don't know her name, don't ask to feel her baby kick.There is no way around it. Check out all of the ways your pregnancy is annoying everyone:. I know. I knowwww. Believe me, I am with you.

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But your friends and acquaintances likely are not. You are throwing a gender reveal party. I personally thought they were pretty lame until a woman I work with brought us cupcakes full of blue ooze to let us all know she was having a boy. They could probably also do without the reminders to wash hands and to not wear cologne and perfume.

Your shower invites include registry info.

annoyed with everyone while pregnant

This is a great way to ruffle the feathers of all the etiquette experts in your life! If you include registry info in your shower invite be prepared to offend some people who prefer not to be told what gifts to bring the new mother-to-be. Bitches be gossiping! As we have said on Mommyish before, no one owns a name. However, if you have been vocal about liking a particular name and a close friend or family member nabs it before your bun is out of the oven, that truly does suck.

That said, people will still be annoyed if you complain about it because really, no one owns a name. If you decide that since you are pregnant and cannot drink that now your husband is not allowed to have any beer then, yeah…. Gabe died too. The men of the Nights Watch are judging your registry. At all. I know! Stop being such a control freak.

I was pregnant because -we- want children. I DID get pregnant so I could present my husband with a gift from my womb and lord it over him for eternity.

Then again, my husband learned pretty fast that hell hath no fury like moi pregnant if he ate the last of the ice-cream.Pregnancy involves various changes in a woman—physically, physiologically, and mentally.

Physically, a pregnant woman body will adjust everything needed for baby growth and delivery. Physiologically, because her belly expands, she will experience more frequent urination. It happens because the big belly put the pressure on her bladder. Besides, she has sudden hormone boost that causes nausea and vomiting. She also loses her appetite on certain foods, yet develop new appetite toward the foods or drinks she used to dislike.

Anyone else feeling irritated and annoyed by everyone?

As for mentally, she will be a lot more sensitive or on the contrary, calmer and wiser. All these pregnancy characteristics are different from one woman to another. However, hormone changes and boost have been believed to cause many changes in expectant women during pregnancy. As if those changes are not enough, women also experiences strange cravings during pregnancy.

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These cravings can definitely be anything. Some women crave for strange foods, while some crave for even stranger thing—being far away from their husbands. A number of husbands report that their pregnant wives are mean and strange. They hate their smells, their faces, and always criticize them after pronounced pregnant. When pregnant, your wife experiences sudden hormonal changes. Therefore, mood swing is really not surprising in the beginning of pregnancy. It is normal when your pregnant wife gets a lot more sensitive and sentimental than before.

When she seems to hate you as the father of the baby, it can be explained psychologically. However, there are some things to be considered when dealing with this random madness. When your wife is pregnant, there are many things that might shock you and in fact, shock her, too.

Therefore, a good cooperation between the parents-to be is really helpful to get through the period. When your wife seems to hate you, do not take any careless decision that might be regretted. Try to understand that her anger is hormonal, and will go away through her early pregnancy. When she gets angry uncontrollably, you should be wise and invite her to talk to your doctor since it might be signs of pregnancy blues.

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Thanks for the marvelous posting! I genuinely enjoyed reading it, you may be a great author. I will be sure to bookmark your blog and will eventually come back at some point.

I want to encourage you to ultimately continue your great work, have a nice holiday weekend! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. What Other Changes happen during Pregnancy?I distinctly remember a moment during my first trimester when my husband sat down next to me and started eating chips and salsa — like a jerk.

Immediately, I needed to know: is it normal to hate your partner during pregnancy? I can still feel each crunch clawing its way through my ear as if it were yesterday — every bite felt like an assault to my nerve endings.

Judith M. No kidding.

Why People Can't Stand Wendy Williams

Simonian says making time for self-care and allowing herself to acknowledge that she had all sorts of conflicting emotions as a first-time new mom allowed her feelings to eventually pass. But it's not just your symptoms or hormones that can cause you to feel upset with your partner. Taking time for a discussion now might also reduce the risk of similar feelings occurring during the postpartum periodThorne suggests.

As for the chip-crunching, lip-smacking, and finger-licking that makes you loathe every inch of your SO's face? Well, I might have a solution that involves a few choice words, but that's between you and me. Thorne, Doctor On Demand Psychologist. Experts: Dr. See All Trying Birth After. Raising Kids.You may be tired of being big, tired of being tired and very ready to get the pregnancy over with. Many women do not want a pregnancy to end.

Realize that grieving the loss of your pregnancy is a very real need. Anticipate your late pregnancy emotions being more touchy this month, and bothered by well-meaning but insensitive comments. You may find yourself becoming very protective of your peace. If a bit of advice is headed your way, go ahead and temporarily zone out. Even better, stay away from people who make you nervous. You sometimes lie awake at night going over everything in your head. Keep a pad and pencil next to your bed so you can jot it down and relax back to sleep.

Remember, anything you have forgotten will probably turn out not be so important after all. Obviously, there is no turning back, and billions of women before you have gone through labor, including your mother.

If this is your first baby, fear of the unknown naturally leads to dread.

If You're Pregnant & Legit Want To Murder Your Spouse, Don't Worry — It's Normal

Let your mind work through these late pregnancy emotions early in the ninth month before your body is asked to do a very strenuous job. The more you trust that your body knows what to do, the more your mind will relax.

Most expecting moms report they feel: More Ambivalent Many women do not want a pregnancy to end. Related Articles Emotions During Pregnancy. Enjoying Sex in Late Pregnancy. August 8, February 13, Dr.

Bill Sears.


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